The ‘Isa Experience’ is a must do for those interested in an in-depth look into Mount
Isa from its humble beginning, 100 years ago. Book a self-guided tour
and wander through the interactive and vibrant displays depicting Mount Isa from
the early days to the thriving town of today.
The display offers a glimpse into a town shaped as it is by its rich mineral bounty and mining heritage,
with a fascinating insight into one of the world’s largest mining complexes,
Mount Isa Mines. From early beginnings in 1923 the mining complex has grown to
become of the most productive single mines in history.
Enjoy our dual plasma display depicting the blending of the indigenous and white perspectives, as it 
dramatically concludes with the didgeridoo ‘morphing’ into the modern lead stack that dominates the 
city skyline. The Isa Experience gives an interactive and in-depth perspective to the development of a 
multi-cultural society that existed well before the term was coined. 
Explore the newest addition to the Isa Experience, Allan’s Outback Gems a stunning rock
collection found by Ian Leslie Allen (1931 – 2017). Known as the ‘Rock Man’ of
Mount Isa, Ian’s private collection was considered by many as one of the most
comprehensive private collections of crystals, rocks and minerals in Australia.
Generously donated to Outback at Isa, this collection will remain as a legacy
to his passion and serve as an inspiration to all those who view it.
Stroll through to the Outback Park which is an extensive creative
landscape that captures visitors’ attention, with a central lagoon surrounded
by lush naive plantings and a relaxing waterfall, inspired by nearby oasis Lawn
Hill Gorge. A bridge extends across the lagoon and the paths lead around the
park to various shaded rest spots where you can stop and relax or enjoy your
The Isa Experience is also home to the Rodeo Hall of Fame which was opened in 2018. The display
gives you a great insight into the history of the biggest rodeo in the southern
hemisphere – the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo. Learn about the most famous cowboys
& cowgirls, the most prestigious bucking horses and bulls, the people who
made the rodeo into what it has now become and much more.
Come and live the Isa Experience! You can visit the experience at your own pace,
anytime between 8:30am - 4:30pm, 7 days a week.
Please note: Bookings not essential but highly recommended. 
Tickets are also available for purchase from the information desk.
You will need to select a time when you book your ticket online, as maximum capacity
numbers apply to the Isa Experience Heritage Display. 
Locals need to produce valid ID when checking in.

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19 Marian Street, Mount Isa Queensland Australia

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