The Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre in Mount Isa showcases
the fossils from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area. Riversleigh is
part of the Australian Fossil Mammal Sites and home to one of the most significant fossil
deposits worldwide
 that tells a unique story of the
evolution of Australia’s wildlife.

In the newly renovated and upgraded Centre some of Riversleigh’s
most unique fossil finds are exhibited with innovative interactive displays.
Let the paleontological experts tell you their stories of Riversleigh in the
movie theatre or wander through an impressive diorama to see what this ancient
world looked like 25 million years ago.

Why not join a guided
to find out how specimens are sorted, cleaned
and the fossils extracted from hard limestone in our
Riversleigh fossil laboratory – an experience that is educational and
engaging for the entire family. You might even find yourself virtually digging
for fossils!

Please Note, Locals need to produce valid ID when checking in 

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19 Marian Street, Mount Isa Queensland Australia

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